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It doesn't matter if your intention is to pursue a career as a dancer or just enjoy a hobby, we offer you our knowledge and experience to achieve your goal.
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Deka Dance Academy

We warmly invite you to become our colleagues in a lovely and beautiful place in our lives. We teach not only dance, but also the right skills. Our classes focus on learning the correct techniques, deepening basic movements and familiarizing you with dance vocabulary.


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Deka Dance Academy / salsa/ bachata/ dance classes/ BtoB Dance Festival / Bucharest

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The courses are organized by Deka Dance Academy at Piața Unirii Bucharest.

It's time to discover the fascinating world of the most popular Latin dances in clubs across the country.

Deka Dance Academy / salsa/ bachata/ dance classes/ BtoB Dance Festival / Bucharest


Originally from the Dominican Republic, this dance style is practiced all over the world and is associated with the musical rhythms of Bachata...

Deka Dance Academy / salsa/ bachata/ dance classes/ BtoB Dance Festival / Bucharest


With its high energy, this dance style has its origins in Cuban Mambo, Pachanga and Rumba dances, and was later influenced by American Swing and Tap styles.


What customers say

  • ✅A great emphasis is placed on technique, Deka Dance Academy is the school where you learn, above all, to dance correctly! ✅Exceptional instructors, beautiful people, always smiling and with a positive attitude, very well prepared to pass on their passion for dance. ✅Lo... Read more
  • I highly recommend Deka Dance Academy......A wonderful dance school ... Dorin is the dance instructor I would recommend with confidence to anyone, he is a very good professional, attentive to details, perfectionist, dedicated and who puts a lot of soul and passion in everything he does! Here I found In... Read more
  • The school where you invest time & money and evolve quickly! They offer intensive courses at the most cost-effective price (when I went: 1 session was 90'= 30'Footwork+60'PW, practice was immediately after the course); in the courses there is NO: drinking alcohol/smoking/intrusive courses, swiching often, possible... Read more
  • It's not just a dance school, it's a family. I recommend to salsa and bachata lovers as well as those who want to relax, socialize and make quality friends.
  • Very well-trained, smiling and patient instructors, attentive to each learner to ensure that the information is assimilated correctly. The atmosphere of the courses is relaxed, every piece of information taught is learned with pleasure. I recommend with confidence! :)... Read more