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BtoB Dance Festival 27-30 September 2024

📍 Nostalgic, glad to be your host and excited to collaborate with beautiful people, warm people and not with "famous artists"!
📍 GREAT artists, Dj's, photographers, videographers... status, that recommends them for the festivals, but their modesty recommends them for our soul!
📍 BtoB Dance Festival is an electrifying celebration of dance and music dedicated to the soulful rhythms of bachata. This festival brings together bachata enthusiasts from all around the world for a thrilling immersion in the world of dance. With live performances, top-notch dance workshops led by renowned instructors, and exhilarating parties, BtoB Dance Festival offers a memorable experience for all participants.
Through its sensual music and graceful moves, BtoB Dance Festival ignites an infectious joy in the hearts of all in attendance.

So, dust off your dancing shoes and join this one-of-a-kind experience in the realm of bachata!
Let conquer the nights and seize the dawn! ❤️

10100 Administration fee

Accommodation for Hotel Caro (the event hotel) is provided:

The single room can only be booked on the basis of a Full Passfor the entire event/3 nights. Double room can only be booked with 2 full passes for the whole event/3 nights. The Full pass and the room must be in the same basket at checkout to book the room. Prices include VAT and city taxes.

Attention: This event only allows you to book accommodation after adding a minimum of one FullPass to your shopping cart.